Rotate image Save Cancel. Breaking news: See More. More Rules New Posts. Next Last. So since most of you advised on my last thread to not buy the cheaper one, and go for a brand one Nearby Costco locations:. Good deal! Mind you I got the fancier one with the handle that looks like a knife.

Last edited by razrsharp on Dec 18th, am, edited 1 time in total. Know what kind of knives you have and what blade angles your knife has before going and buying this and ruining your knifes people. Amazon link says its a unisex sharpener?? Honestly I wouldn't. I've had issues with sharpeners like this ruining blades. I find its really easy to use and not only has it not damaged my knives but it actually fixed damage that other sharpeners caused.

I use the roller sharpener from Global that I got from Costco. No membership needed. It will ruin your fancy snobish knifes for less. For rest of us - it's great! Last edited by max on Dec 18th, am, edited 1 time in total.

Obviously anyone with a good knife isn't going to use something like this so I would argue that anyone with a knife that's not considered "good" use something like this because I'd rather see a sharp knife than a dull knife.

Most peoples' knives would fall under the "not good" category. If you own a good knife, learn to use a stone. Or use one of these. I'm a sign.

Not a cop. For me personally I use an electric sharpener on my Victorinox because I'm lazy. It gets me a sharp blade quickly.

I also don't consider Victorinox "good" as in I should baby it but a workhorse that I actually don't mind using and abusing. I'll stone my veg cleaver once in a while, but even then I'm usually lazy and electric it too. Even at home I sharpen like once a week or maybe every other week and I steel my knife every time I pick it up.

At work I'd sharpen damn near daily depending on how much and what prep I'm doing.These were just some of the key features of these products. This is one of the best electric knife sharpeners for people who want to sharpen different kinds of knives and blades. This is quite a versatile tool that comes with grit flexible abrasive belts that provide a sharp edge. Moreover, you can use this to sharpen knives with curved blades just as easily as you can sharpen those with straight blades.

Also, it has a variable-speed motor 1, to 2, sfmso you can adjust the speed of the sharpener for your specific needs. In the high-speed setting, it provides a grinding action that is often required to sharpen old and rusty knives.

And, in the lower speed setting, it provides a honing action to sharpen your knives. Additionally, the sharpening angle can also be adjusted between 15 and 30 degrees, which makes this tool even more versatile. And, it can run continuously for one hour, which is more than enough time to sharpen a knife. Overall, it is a great tool to sharpen different kinds of blades and can sharpen even the most oddly-shaped ones. It is extremely flexible and versatile, and hence, is top on our list of electric knife sharpeners.

Best Knife Sharpeners Reviews 2020 – Top 9 Best Rated Ranking

Wusthof is a German company that is well-known for making high-quality knives. This knife sharpener undoubtedly also provides the high level of quality you expect from a reputable brand like Wusthof. This knife sharpener has precise edge technology that enables you to sharpen your knives with next-level precision. Adding to that, it provides a degree bevel angle, and its slots have diamond abrasives to sharpen the edges of your knives.

Moreover, this tool has three sharpening modes, one for coarse grinding, another for honing, and one for polishing your knives. And, it also has flexible angle guides that further improve the sharpening action. This is an elegantly-designed, 3-stage knife sharpener that sharpens a variety of knives quickly and easily. The first stage provides a coarse grinding action that is often required to sharpen old, rusty knives.

The second stage provides precision grinding.

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And, the third stage provides honing to add that final touch to the knife sharpening process. Moreover, it is quite simple to use. Slots 1 and 2 have Sapphirite wheels, while slot 3 has ceramic wheels. There are three different settings: thin, medium, and thick.

You can use the thin setting to sharpen lightweight knives like paring knives, medium for regular kitchen knives, and thick for the heavier hunting knives. Also, this knife sharpener has an elegant design and would look good in any kitchen, both home and professional.

And, the best part is that it is comparatively much cheaper than other knife sharpeners with similar features. This knife sharpener has a double-bevel edge with an ultra-sharp 5XV edge technology.

And, it can sharpen both the double-bevel and single-bevel Asian-style knives. Moreover, this tool lets you have precise control over the sharpening angle as per your requirements. And, it has spring knife guides that enable you to do that. However, it also means that it is not as simple to use as some of the other knife sharpeners on this list.

Now, coming to the actual sharpening part, the sharpener has diamond abrasives that can sharpen any knife with ease. And, it has advanced, flexible polishing and stropping disks.

This one, though, is a three-stage knife sharpener with diamond abrasives and a patented sharpening system. Similar to the XV model, this one can also sharpen any straight-edged or serrated blade.Having your knives as sharp as possible means that you will be able to cut the food you want to cut much easier and that means better precision and increased safety as well. Whetstones and leather strops used to be the common ways to get knives sharpened but now there are many different models of knife sharpeners on the market that do an excellent job and make quick work of knife sharpening.

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With this innovative knife sharpener you can use the electric stage for getting all of your knives razor sharp and then switch to the manual stage for fine tuning. You will get an incredibly sharp edge with the cross-cross technology that is new as well as being very efficient. The white housing works great with any kitchen theme or color scheme. It can also be used to sharpen sport knives pocket knives as well as all of your kitchen knives.

It is a very handy appliance to have around.

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The interchangeable blade guides ensures the perfect angle for sharpening no matter what type of knife you are sharpening. You can use this versatile knife sharpener for kitchen knives, hunting knives and even fillet knives. Sharp knives make any knife task easier and safer and this Presto Professional Electric Knife Sharpener will help you get the job done quickly and easily too.

This sharpener has a two-stage process that grinds and sharpens the knife in stage one and hones and refines it in stage two. Ideal for sports knives and kitchen knows of all kinds, the blade guide holds your knife at the perfect angle to get the perfect sharpening result as the knife is drawn slowly towards the user.

It needs to be kept parallel to the countertop as you are sharpening it. The Presto EverSharp works great for knives made of carbon, stainless steel and alloy. You can also sharpen serrated knives with this sharpener as long as they are only serrated on one side. For great stability, the electric knife sharpener has 3 suction cup feet on the bottom that hold it securely during the sharpening process. Any one of these three top rated knife sharpeners will be a great fit in your own kitchen and are super easy to use.

Knives are a crucial part of any working kitchen, whether professional or not. The problem with dull knives is not only that it makes food prep much messier and more difficult but it adds a safety hazard to the mix as well.Are your knife blades damaged or dull? Then we are sure the knife sharpeners by Senzu will work great for transforming your old and sad knives to a brand-new knife with a perfect razor-sharpness.

These knife sharpeners are certainly a revolution in terms of sharpening techniques. So convenient, easy and tireless the sharpening process be, no one could ever imagine ever. Without a doubt, they are the priority of professional chefs and home cooks. Of course, your kitchen chores like slicing, dicing, chopping, cutting can become amazingly perfect if the knife you use possesses a sharpened blade and not a dull one.

This certainly brings a smile and adequate satisfaction to the person using a knife that is sharpened by a Senzu Sharpener. Click To See Price. High Carbon Steel. Maintenance Free. Anti Corrosion Steel. These sharpeners ensure easy usage along with the best sharpening of scissors and knives of all kinds. The wheel of the knife is diamond-coated and works great for sharpening blades.

This is not just a kitchen knife sharpener but a Japanese Steel and Senzu knife sharpener. Easy usage. A knife that is easy to use, is safe and very effective. The coarse slot of the knife sharpener can revive your blunt, dull or damaged knives to a knife with a razor-sharp feel in no time seconds.

These are durable and are constructed to last long. These 2 stage sharpening knife sharpeners feature an ergonomic handle and a non-slip base. Be it right-handed or left-handed people all can use it with ease and comfort. The non-slip quality provides more stability to the base when you use it. Simply place the blade on the sharpening slot and see the outcome. These knives complement your kitchen for sure. Crafted with premium quality material. The materials used for the construction of this knife are stainless and tungsten steel, ceramics, and diamond.

This is a much better option than those sharpening rods and grindstone that are too heavy. Absolute convenience and satisfaction are what this knife sharpener gives you. Saves time and money.

You can save your time and money as the need of going to an expert for getting your knife sharpener in your nearby area is not required. Guarantee or Money back. The Senzu knife sharpeners are amazing and perform great to give a new look to your old and dull knives. The sharpening skills par excellence is what they provide.

These are greatly admired by professional chefs and cooks all over the world.

costco knife sharpener

This all is because of their impressive features and peak performance. This knife sharpener can be used to sharpen almost all types of knives and blades.Zulay knife sharpener is a good option for anyone in need of a solid and dependable knife sharpener without spending a lot of money. The sharpener goes above sharpening just knives but can also be used to sharpen other dull steel and metallic items that need their edges sharpened.

Many users laud the sharpener for its efficiency and ability to sharpen even old blunt knifes. The cut resistant glove that it comes with is a good safety precaution and also helps one to get a good grip and sharpen with better precision.

Overall, it is a good value knife sharpener that you can always count on. Special features : 3-stage sharpening system, Abrasives Patented Sharpening System. Special features : 3-swap sharpening system, Non-slip suction base.

Special features : Heavy duty construction, 2- stage sharpening system, Automatic blade guides. Special features : Two-stage sharpening system, Automatic blade guides.

Compact knife sharpeners are best if you have small space on your kitchen countertop. A large knife sharpener is great if you have many large knives. Never use a dishwasher to clean your knife, as this speed up the dulling of the blade. Instead, you should hand wash them with soapy water and dry with a towel before putting it away. You should always store your knives in a knife block or on a magnetic strip.

You should avoid putting the knives in a drawer as this causes the blade to rub against each other causing the knives to become dull.

Knife Sharpeners

The type of surface you use for cutting affects the condition of the knife. You should avoid cutting on hard surfaces and metallic surfaces. Your knife will remain sharp as long you are cutting on the right surfaces. One of the best ways of keeping your knives sharp is by sharpening them frequently.

If you work in a busy kitchen, you should consider sharpening your knife at least once per week. Being a regular shopper who loves to test new things, Gilbert has been a writer and reviewer for several journalism and review magazines helping people like you make informed decisions when shopping. When he's not busy researching on a new product, then he's probably spending time adventuring the outdoor life.Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Knife Sharpeners store.

These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

Skip to main content Best Rated in Knife Sharpeners. Best Rated by Department. Current Department. Knife Sharpeners. All Departments. Musical Instruments. Office Products. Pet Supplies. Video Games. Top rated products in Knife Sharpeners. By Work Sharp. Great buy for anybody serious about sharpening I bought this originally so I could tear it apart and review that it was nothing but a fanboy product.

I got so tired of hearing how great it was from all the tacti-morons. Well, I'm eating those words, because it actually IS great. Learning curve is very small, and when you use the right belts for the right blade, and realize to let it do the work without forcing it to, it works very, very well. It polishes that edge.

costco knife sharpener

It hones it. I strop it anyway, and it makes short work of sharpening. I love using stones, but I do that for a hobby mostly. If I want a fast and sharp edge, I have this thing ready to go now. By Sardonick. You don't need to buy the more expensive KO units out there. I was on fence, don't waist money, this will do for all needs. I am the guy that cannot sharpen a knife, no patience. This is the best sharpener I have ever used. Watch a few videos online, try it with a 'junk' knife to practice, that 'junk' knife will be better than brand new very quickly.With very little effort and very little pressure, a sharp knife allows you to effortlessly slice through nearly anything—steaks, chops, fish, bread, vegetables, and fresh fruit.

As any professional chef can attest, a sharp knife is a safe knife. Dull knives require extraordinary force to cut with, which can lead to accidental slips and fingers that used to be a little longer. Here are the two best, one manual and one electric, plus some worthy runners up.

This tool does an excellent job of sharpening virtually any kitchen knife. Simply set the heel of the blade into the V-shaped sharpening slot and draw the knife back.

Light pressure and three or four strokes is all it takes to put a cutting edge back on the knife.

Senzu Sharpener Reviews

The Sunrise Pro Supreme has a pivoting safety handle and suction-cup base that holds steady during sharpening. It can be used to sharpen many different types and sizes of knives, including serrated bread knives.

This tool features triple-action tungsten-carbide sharpeners that automatically adjust to blade angles between 12 and 20 degrees. This is a professional-grade, three-stage electric sharpener that quickly sharpens even the dullest, most abused knives.

It has a whisper-quiet motor that powers three separate V-shaped sharpening slots. Stage Three has a unique flexible abrasive stropping disk that finely polishes the newly sharpened edge to razor sharpness. To sharpen a knife, simply flip on the power switch and slowly draw the blade through the sharpening slots, starting with Stage One. As you pull the knife along, perfectly positioned magnets hold the knife blade precisely at 15 degrees, ensuring consistent results every time.

It typically takes about a minute or two to sharpen a dull knife the very first time, and then just 10 or 20 seconds to resharpen and hone the knife.

This three-stage sharpener is similar to the XV Edge.

costco knife sharpener

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costco knife sharpener

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